Raw Mill Duct at Yanbu Cement Co.

Conditioning Tower Fabrication & Erection at Yanbu Cement Co.

Boom Structure Repair

Major Repair & replacement of o steel structure boom for berga crane for ajwa company damaged caused due to fallen boom from a height of 40 meters.

Grab Repair

Complete repair of grab; replacing damaged sides with new fabricated ones, replacing supports inside with new ones,replace bottom portion at closing position & line bore bearing journal.

Quay Crane project

Replacement of damaged portion of leg on quay crane at seaport site. special supports on the inside/outside and shoulder support were installed for securing prior cutting damaged portion. fabrication taken place with third party inspection for sizes and welding spec's before installing.

Kangaroo Crane project

Replacement of jib connector plate of kangaroo crane for the united sugar company at seaport site. New connector plate is fabricated and tested of all welding joints .

RMG project

Relocated 2 rail mounted gantry cranes at Jeddah islamic seaport, estimated weigh 1400tons each. Elevation of 60mtrs and width of 40mtrs.Secure all around the crane by beams and chain hoists,and jacking up using 500tons capacity hydraulic unit.Special type of beds been used for mobilization.

Repairing of Crane Boom

Repair of damaged boom for 200 tons mobile crane using weldox 700 material. It is cut into two pieces and assembled with accurate radius measured on CNC bending machine in one overlapping assembly.

Steel work

Lining of stainless steel rolled sheets inside the water reserve pipe line and hyrdo tested .

At Site work

(1) Repair of copper furnace for saudi cable company.
(2) Repair of carbon hobber for sugar company

Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing of rotors, impellers, industrial basketsand many others.Balancing capacity ,can take a load up to 6 tons and length of 4 meters using either types belt drive or universal joint.

Portable of hardness checking tester

Portable Hardness testers for all purposes and sizes.Used for measuring the hardness difficult to get at the areas, grooved areas and internal R-sections of compact parts, metal casts, gears, crank shafts and component parts.

General Machining


Fabrication of heavy duty shaft up to 14 tons with maximum length of 14 meters and swing over bed 3.2 meters. Line boring machine can take up to 2 meters in height and a load up to 15 tons capacity.

Thermal Spray & Line Boring of Diesel Generator

Thermal Spray for special applications such as highspeed turbine shafts and bearing journal as to avoid bending of shaft and build up same material tested.
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Large gasoline engines 12 strokes

Diesel engines of all types


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