Gears & Others

Manufacturing of several types of gears such as spiral, helical, bevel and stub shaft. using same material needed for the job and spec's followed as per ASTM and DIN numbers. Fabrication of rotors and impellers, using different steel grades.

Screw Conveyors

Fabrication of screw conveyor of different sizes and thickness, material used stainless steel, carbon steel and mild steel for the Cement Factories and Food Industries.

Steel Fabrication

Fabrication of myd hopper for dispensing of soils and fabrication of airslides and you are dorrs for the cement Industres.
Fabrication of tower crane main boom, special heavy duty trolleys for MAN company to carry the chassis while trucks on production line and reclaimers for the cement company.
Fabrication of buffer, vacuum, expansion tanks and other industrial tanks. Erection, fittings and assembly at sight of nitrogen, water high pressure and air pipe lines.

Heavy Duty Lathe machine products

CNC lathe Machine, designing, engineering and machining of your desired product.

Wire cutting


Water Jet Cutting Machine products

List Of Machines :

Gears such as: bevel, Warmgears , Pinion, Corona, Helical and Spure gears



Keys, Couplinfs and seals

Levers and Arms
Bushing and spacers
Screws and Pins
Retaining rings and collars

Locknuts and shoulders

Fasteners and bolts


Impellers and propellers

Piston and Cylinders

General casting of Steel, Aluminum, Cast iron and Bronze.

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